Class Descriptions

For this week's live stream schedule with Zoom links, click here. All classes are one hour unless noted. 

Level 1 (no experience needed)

Zen Flight

Designed to lower stress, decompress and release stuck energy. The hour is a real treat and instructors will offer up anything from restorative movement, myofacial release, guided meditation or floating adjustments.

Beginner Flight

This delivers our signature FLOW Flight class at a pace accessible to those new to an aerial practice

Fit Flight (50 minutes) 

This aerial fitness class unites elements of weight training, yoga and HIIT (high intensity interval training) while incorporating the hammock to add extra challenge for the core. You’ll get FIT in record time!

Barre Flight

We take our Classic Barre class and swap the barre for the hammock. Who says you can’t pulse upside down?? 


Level 2 (at least three level 1 classes recommended) 

Flow Flight

Let your soul come alive in a dynamic vinyasa style flow that moves in + around the hammock linking breath to movement. Expect to feel challenged, lengthened and refreshed.

Flexibility Flight

Open up! This creative flow-based class will focus on lengthening your muscles and creating space in the body. Whether you are working on your splits or deepening your backbends, the fabric will help safely guide you into a deeper stretch. 

Aerial Dance

A hybrid of contemporary dance and aerial flow that utilizes the floor, the sky and the space in between. The silk is used as a tool to broaden our possibilities as dancers while still working on technique, alignment and lines. No dance experience necessary!  

Intro to Play Flight

This class is fun and playful while staying accessible for those at Level 2. We'll combine strength, flexibility, flow and play movements. You will be constantly working on your core and grip strength and will also develop your flexibility. You'll explore transitions, movement combinations and will learn wraps and other foundational Play elements.

Conditioning Flight (45 minutes)

Each week explores a new posture or sequence and develops the strength required to master it. An energizing combo of beginner friendly tricks, core work and even some cardio. 

Level 3 (pre-recs: at least 5-10 level 2 classes) 

Play Flight

Let's learn to PLAY! We’ll work on building strength, balance and creative voice through new variations of asanas while we explore playful sequencing and transitions.

Power Flight

Prepare to be challenged! Working with resistance and gravity, you will flow through powerful asanas as you build stamina and improve your balance and core strength.